Ready for an audience - we’ll keep you updated on how Victoria and the others are doing.


DSC_0858_Victoriablüte© Chr. Hillmann-Huber, Botanischer Garten und Botanisches Museum Berlin

Right on time for the grand re-opening weekend the ‘Queen’ did us the honour of opening up her petals at 5pm already! In the evening light and the drizzle of millions of small drops of water it was a majestic view indeed … And there are a few more buds halfway up already – so we have good blossoming prospects for the Victoria Nights (Between June and August the whole Garden, all the greenhouses and the Museum are open until midnight)!

First Victoria-buds to be seen!


While the month of May is spiraling to new temperature records, inside the greenhouses a magical growth spurt is taking place: With amazing speed Victoria and her friends are transforming the Victoria House into a tropical green water-world! This week’s highlight: The first Victoria-buds show up – it’s Victoria cruziana giving blossoming prospects for the re-opening in June!

We celebrate the “Queen”: Date of opening is set!


The Victoria seedlings have been successfully cultivated in our 75 000 liter basin and both of the giant water lily species (Victoria amazonica and Victoria cruziana) are thriving, already with many floating leaves! Since we have such good prospects, the date for the re-opening is set: On the weekend of the 16th and 17th June 2018 we’ll celebrate with all guests and offer a reduced entrance fee of only 1 Euro per person -  this includes entrance to the garden, the museum and all greenhouses! And there will be even more to come: Victorianights & Victoriatalks, Summer Concerts on the Open-Air Terrace next to the Victoria House and a special photo-exhibition in the Botanical Museum.

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A little seedling’s big moment!


On 8 March the Victoria seedlings were set in their 75,000 litre pool (here held by Curator Dr. Nils Köster) by our planting team who were suitably kitted out in waders. Now we’re keeping our fingers crossed that they all grow fast and thrive! Around the edge of the pool were some curious onlookers, among them Nelumbo and Strophocactus wittii – the cactus apparently tried to sneak a peek during the night, but since it only blooms for a single night the flower was already closed again by the morning…

My Home: – 260 m², flooded with light & 75,000 l – swimming pool on the top deck!


Stepping over the threshold will take you right into the tropics – with 85% humidity and a temperature constantly above 30 degrees! The Victoria House is more than 100 years old and one of the most fascinating greenhouses of the Botanic Garden Berlin – showcasing hundreds of exotic tropical water and marsh plants from this June on. Queen among them is Victoria, the amazing giant waterlily from South America.

My Leaf – First class floating


Victoria’s leaves aren’t just stunning in their looks – they also hold some records in the plant world: The floating leaves can reach two meters across and can carry more than 50 kilos without sinking. Like an inflatable mattress, air-filled compartments on the underneath provide the buoyancy. Who wouldn’t want to take a seat?

My family: Each more beautiful than the other!


Our team cultivates both species - Victoria amazonica and Victoria cruziana. Within a few months, they grow from tiny seeds into truly spectacular plants with huge floating leaves. Just as enchanting are the other water lilies - such as Nymphaea gigantea, the blue-blooded water lily from Australia and New Guinea that you’ll see swimming along with Victoria.